Trop de sapes
Prod. by The
Haitch - Dans mon bag (Prod. by Swy V)
Haitch - Facteur
Prod. by Swy V
Sosa (Prod. by Swy V)
Early 2020 single by Haitch. Produced by Swy V
Gotti (Prod. by Swy V)
"Gotti" by Haitch. Produced by Swy V
Released on November 15th 2019
Brassard (Prod. by Yotaguchi)
Single "Brassard" by Haitch
Titulaire (Prod. by A.Dripz)
"Titulaire" by Le mortier. Produced by A.Dripz
Be the wave (Prod. by A.DRIPZ)
First single by Ms. Bona
"Be the Wave"
"SPARE TIME" is a project fully produced by Yotaguchi and marks his debut as a recording artist. His sound joins the cloud rap in a certain way but it remains very dynamic at the same time.
Expect more from Yotaguchi in 2019.
E IMJA by Shiga
ThéRAPie by Fizz
"Right Back" by ZAY (First Single)

Produced by SWYV

Released by Superior Recipe
Spinn city - Before the stars
"Before the Stars" by Spinn City

Produced by Kuwsi
Mixed & Mastered by Erik Jenchenne
Jized - Vodka
"Vodka" by Jized

Produced by SWYV
XL - Subliminal
"(SUB)liminal" by XL

Produced by Yotaguchi Beats
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